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Injection Moulded Cases

SP Polypropylene Cases

Our SP range offer strong but lightweight, high quality polypropylene cases in a wide range of sizes and colours.  Manufactured from rigid and recyclable polypropylene, these cases are available in eight sizes and in eight standard colours: Black, Green, Yellow, Red, White, Grey, Dark and Light blue.

Case features include pinned hinges, lid support struts (removable if 180 degree opening is required) and independent catches (not ‘live’ hinged). They can all easily be customised with foam inserts, mouldings, fabrication work, etc.

SP Polypropylene Cases
Model Box Quantity* Internal Dimensions (mm)
Length Width Depth Lid/Base
SP165/S 130 165 120 30 15/15
SP195/D 100 195 140 40 20/20
SP230/D 50 230 165 50 25/25
SP270/J 50 270 195 60 30/30
SP320/P 25 320 230 70 35/35
SP380/S 20 380 275 80 40/40
SP450/P 10 450 325 100 50/50
SP530/G 8 530 385 120 60/60

Give a little thought to how the interior of your case will look - visit our specialist services page for some great ideas.

Special Interior

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