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Heavy Duty Obsidian Black Cases

Please note: Minimum order quantity for this style of case is 10 off per design

The case has been rigorously tested to Military standards (Ministry of Defence level J). As a result, we are confident that this design can deal with virtually any situation. It is also IP56 rated (ingress protection), being one of the only protective flight cases on the market that can offer this level of certification. The Obsidian is waterproof, dustproof, hard-wearing, shock and impact resistant and the exterior skeleton and polyurethane corner joints mean it is up to 6 times stronger than a traditional flight case.

It can also be supplied with heavy duty or lightweight panels (depending on application), UV resistance, or even ESD Anti-Static protection through dissipative foam inserts if required. A very aesthetically pleasing design thanks to powder coated aluminium location extrusions, soft feel polyurethane shock absorbing corners, ABS plastic coated aluminium exo-frame, stainless steel fittings and a choice of panel materials with alternative surface finishes. The design is also ideal for corporate identification and promotion as it can easily be enhanced by logo incorporation.

Rather than simply selecting the closest over-sized moulded case you can now have a totally tailor made alternative to standard case ranges. The Obsidian can be supplied in virtually any size and quantity.(MOQ 10 off per design) and cost savings through reduced shipping charges and minimised breakages in transit will ultimately prove cost effective for you.

The frame and fittings are only available in black but panels may be a variety of standard colours, or bespoke colours subject to minimum order quantities.

The Heavy Duty Obsidian Black Case is the perfect upgrade from traditional flight cases and two piece moulded cases.

It combines the dimensional flexibility of a fabricated case with the durability of a moulded high performance case.

It is IP56 rated waterproof, dustproof, up to 6 times stronger than a traditional flight case, it can be adapted to almost any requirement (sizes, panel material, colours, foam inserts etc) and has interchangeable components - meaning it can be repaired much more easily than a standard flight case. In fact the only limit is... it's only available in black (framed at least)

Designed and produced in the UK, you can be certain that the quality of workmanship, materials, attention to detail and level of care is second to none. This is in stark contrast to the many cheap imports that promise much, but are ultimately a 'false economy' due to the high level of breakages prevalent with the inferior design and build of mass produced budget cases.

Unlike nearly all other protective cases, the exterior 'skeleton' allows for corner joints, panels and components to be easily replaced if they become damaged. This can offer huge cost savings (it is obviously much cheaper to replace a corner joint than a buy an entirely new case) and this will extend the life of the case almost indefinitely, whilst still offering the highest level of protection.

Made in Hertfordshire, London, UKThe majority of our high quality products are manufactured in the UK
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