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Please note: Minimum order quantity for this style of case is 5 off per design

We are proud to present the AceCase - the ideal solution when weight is a premium factor.

Utilising modern lightweight materials, advanced polymers and adhesives to bond the case together, we are able to provide a complete design and build service for both the exterior and interior.

AceCases, Custom Transit Cases          

The stylish solution, manufactured in the UK using innovative materials for a strong, lightweight alternative to the more traditional transit case.


These cases can be fitted with a variety of handles, hinges, trolley castors, hinged or lift off lids, recessed or face mounted fittings - there are endless permutations and possibilities with the AceCase system.

Coloured panels, printing and customisation are available, as well as bespoke interiors, all designed and manufactured to exacting standards.


Bespoke satin anodised aluminium extrusions and polypropylene honeycomb panels are used in conjunction with specialist adhesives to give a case which offers strength, durability and light weight.

AceCases, Custom Transit Cases            AceCases, Custom Transit Cases

Extensive testing has been done in developing this class leading product and we are now proud to offer it as an addition to our more traditional Transit case and heavy duty Full Flight case ranges. Please note that the AceCase is not a shipping case. It is a beautifully finished lightweight carrying case.

A minimum order quantity of five off per design applies due to production set up costs.

    AceCases, Custom Transit Cases             AceCases, Custom Transit Cases

The interior of the case is just as important, usually supplied with foamed interiors designed to house your products exactly. Why not visit our specialist services page for more ideas?

AceCases, Custom Transit Cases                   AceCases, Custom Transit Cases

Made in Hertfordshire, London, UKThe majority of our high quality products are manufactured in the UK
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